Covid-19 / Coronavirus Precautions

Just to confirm - along with the rest of the Licenced Trade - we're closed to personal callers during the current Lockdown. However, if you can't come to the Drapers we'll come to you. We're doing local home deliveries of 5 litre Bag-in-Box real ale, with a 7 to 10 day shelf life - right now. We have a constantly changing range of some great amber, pale and dark real ales available.
Scroll down for more details. Updated: 01/02/2021

The Drapers Arms - Bristol's First Micropub

Introducing Our "Local Delivery Service"

This is our well-meaning but amateurish attempt to explain our all new local delivery service. It’s just a method we hope to allow our customers to continue to buy and drink our beer. We’re more just bozos than Jeff Bezos, but if you live locally and want real ale, we’ll drop it ‘round to you - in good order - as soon as we can. Simple.
Any questions? Click here for more details, or view the beers!

Buy Some Beer! - In Our "Five Litre Bag-in-Box"

Buy online for free local delivery in the Bristol area. Please check our delivery areas before ordering.

A sight for sore eyes

So, The Beer

A sight for sore eyes

We will continue to buy local cask beers, rack them, tap and spile them, just as we’ve always done – we’re now just decanting them into a different format so you can enjoy them at home. We’ll have four or five real ales on every day, aiming to have at least one amber, a pale and a dark beer available and, wherever possible, a Gluten Free and/or unfined (vegan) option. Doesn’t always work out like that – but God loves a trier.


Note: Not actual size

Our new Online Shop has different beers but only one type of container – we’ve no cans, bottles, mini-kegs; we've got a Five Litre Bag-in-Box (BiB) of Real Ale - For Sale. That’s it. They’re good. These BiBs are ideal for cask beer as, once open, (now, this sounds a bit techi) “the tap prevents air going back into the bag and the double lining creates a carbon dioxide blanket around the ale, keeping it fresh and thus enhancing the shelf life”. Hurrah!

Note: Not actual size.

A fridge, for example.

Usage & Storage

A fridge, for example.

If you keep these Bag-in-Boxes somewhere cool, like a fridge, shed, back porch, unheated child’s bedroom, anywhere in Stokes Croft, then, once the BiB has been opened it’s got a 7-to-10-day shelf life - and hopefully you’ve finished it by then. It will actually stay fresh for up to three weeks unopened – that’s if you just wanted one as something to look at, rather than drink.

However, if you, unwisely, allow the temperature to raise to say 30°C (and good luck with that) - the beer will be ruined and the bag will burst… If the beer is kept Cool, minimal amounts of gas are given off and you'll get the best results. The same applies to one or two of our customers…


Do your bit for the planet.™

The boxes and bags are recyclable – however that’s something you need to do, locally; we’re not taking them back to re-use. Some of our customers are shielding and we’re not going to do anything that may hint at potential cross contamination.

Do your bit for the planet.™

Electronic payments only.

Pricing & Availability

Electronic payments only.

To keep it nice and simple, each Bag-in-Box costs £30. All details, breweries, descriptions, ABV, etc. of our current offering are listed above - and on our entry on the Real Ale Finder App - which you can download (it's available for both Apple Apple App Store & Android Google Play Store devices) and we update it every day.

If you can't do that, then check our entry on their website:

We also offer a discount for those who would like a regular, guaranteed weekly delivery – email us for more details.

Free "Local" Delivery…

You now need to ask the boozer’s perennial question; “what is a local?”

We don’t want to be too prescriptive and draw really rigid and subjective lines on a map about who lives near and who’s far away. Let’s just we say that all addresses in BS2, BS6, BS7 are local. Most people living in BS5, BS8, BS9, BS10, BS34 are also local. Some of you are in the Far Away group; you know who you are. All local addresses can have next day delivery.

One question you can ask yourself, “do I need to cross a motorway, a river, pay a toll or catch two buses to get from my home to the Drapers Arms?” If the answer’s “yes” - you're probably not really too local. Also, if you don’t know where we are, you probably not local at all.

or "Far Away" Delivery

Most other Bristol addresses will qualify for free delivery (2 days after order date) with a minimum purchase of two Boxes.

Now, the big question; who’s living in Bristol and who actually lives in Cuba? (Counties that Used to Be Avon). This group of addresses might have a BS Post Code - which does seem faintly Bristolian - they might even tell people they meet on holiday that they're from Bristol (who’s ever said: "Oh, yes, I’m from BANES”) but they also have words like Somerset, Mendip, Gloucestershire or Sedgemoor lurking somewhere in their address.
There be Dragons, so we’re not going there.

Now, take me to the beer please!


"They didn't have any crisps…"

We’ll do our best to deliver exactly what you ordered on the day you expect it. However, we’re dealing with a ‘live’ product and – unlike Greg Wallace on “Inside the Factory” - we actually test every single beer (tough job, someone’s got to do it) - before we individually package it and send it out; so, if it’s not up to standard - for whatever reason - we just won’t deliver it.

That means, occasionally, we have to make a late substitution with another beer with the nearest profile. We’d like you to consider what you might say to a mate, if they came back from the bar in a busy pub saying; “Sorry, the beer you asked for wasn’t available; so, I didn’t get you anything”. We don’t want to be on the receiving end of that conversation.

"They didn't have any crisps…"

If you're genuinely not prepared to accept any substitutions, then your best bet is to go to an alternative supplier - perhaps your local brewery, (they’re all delivering bottles and cans, now) who will have a much better and more consistent

In Summary

Listen, we’re making all this stuff up as we’re going along – but we’ll do what we can to be flexible and cooperative. Any rules that turn out to be stupid or useless we’ll change as soon as possible.

If you’ve got any questions, special requests or polite suggestions, then please email us and we’ll do our best to sort them.

Anyway, enough of this – please go and buy some beer! Cheers.